Audiovisual Equipment

Owner of their own equipment and own recording studio, REC Digital Production Tunisia is equipped to respond autonomously to any type of project. Screening room, recording cab, heavy machinery (cranes and Steadicam) and high-definition cameras
are the result of regular investments to always monitor means.

Blue / Green Screen

Our studio is equipped with blue / green / white screens for special
effects overlay in post-production. Combined with the adequate lighting, high-fidelity microphones and a Teleprompter, the background screen is the starting point for the realization of an original spot giving free
rein to the imagination.


With the constant desire to remain at the edge of technology, REC Digital Production Tunisia regularly invests in innovative hardware and software solutions: many cameras and broadcast HD, cameras, Steadicam, crane for outdoor shooting with air travelling (an original way to highlight
buildings), or a smaller version that can be used indoors.

Recording Cabinets

REC Digital Production Tunisia has a recording cab in their studio equipped with high-fidelity microphone for voice recordings and comments, as well as for the realization of radio spot.